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The René Caovilla slingback shoe was born under the crystalline skies of Venice - a heeled shoe with an open back that has become a symbol of the Maison's exquisite taste. A carefully balanced silhouette and iconic patterning meticulously executed by expert hands bring a veritable work of art into being - one designed to exalt the elegance of a woman who knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid of flaunting her femininity. Made with a fetchingly delicate ankle strap, these shoes steal the scene with the alluring ornamentation on the toe cap: lofty lace or supple suede encrusted with crystals, stones and pearls skilfully applied by hand. The focal point of the collection is the iconic snake detail: a slender strap twinkling with tiny crystals that coils up from the ankle, slimming the figure and culminating in a tourbillion of free-spirited and sophisticated womanliness.

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