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Heel Height

Heeled and platform sandals CLEO

Sizes: 4-5-6-9.5-11
$ 1610.00 $ 1127.00

Thin high-heeled sandals CLEO

Sizes: 4-6-6.5-7-7.5-8-8.5-9-9.5-11
$ 1610.00 $ 1127.00

Sandals with a heel CLEO

Sizes: 4-8.5-9-9.5-11
$ 1610.00 $ 1127.00

Platform sandals with a heel CELEBRITA'

Sizes: 4-5-6-7-7.5-8-8.5-9-9.5-10-11
$ 1750.00 $ 1225.00

Silver platform sandals CELEBRITA'

Sizes: 4-4.5-5.5-6-6.5-7-7.5-8-8.5-9-9.5-10-10.5-11-11.5-12
$ 1750.00

Platform sandals CELEBRITA'

Sizes: 4-4.5-5-5.5-6-6.5-7-7.5-8-8.5-9-9.5-10-10.5-11-11.5-12
$ 1750.00


To makes each model unique and inimitable, René Caovilla platform sandals are handmade. Platform sandals with stiletto heels have always been the symbol of sensual and daring femininity, which does not renounce a sophisticated design enhanced by sparkling details. Following this concept, the platform and heels are covered with the brightness of tiny rhinestones, for an end result that does not go unnoticed. Among the iconic models, CELEBRITA' stands out for its refined and feminine charm, and is elaborated in numerous colour variations, ideal for giving that surprising touch to a special cocktail outfit. Platform shoes are designed to slim the feminine silhouette, to complete an evening look by focusing on seduction and class.
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