1. Purchasing procedures

1.1 The products offered for sale by FiloBlu shall be solely those on the FiloBlu Site at the time the Order is submitted, as described in the respective information sheets. 

1.2 However that may be, the images that accompany a product information sheet are solely for information purposes and may not be perfectly representative of the product’s characteristics but differ, for example, in colour and size (one reason being the browser and the monitor used to access the Site as well as the display of the images).

1.3 To place their Orders Customers must fill out the respective form on the Site in its entirety and send it after having carefully read the Conditions, as well as the characteristics of the product and/or products they intend to purchase. Customers must likewise apply to FiloBlu, if they so wish, for the issue of an invoice for the purchase, in accordance with article 22 of Presidential Decree no. 633/1972. 

1.4 Proper reception of the Order is confirmed by FiloBlu in an e-mail reply, sent to the e-mail address notified by the Customer. This confirmation message shall summarise the conditions of purchase, as provided by the applicable legislation, as well as the data included in the Order by the Customer, so that he/she can check them and, as the case may be, immediately notify the necessary corrections to the incorrect data. 

2. Prices and payment procedures

2.1 The prices shown on the Site shall be inclusive of taxes and VAT. Any costs for the forwarding of goods or payment-related expenses shall, in any case, be notified in advance to the Customer through the Site or these Conditions. 

2.2 The following payment procedures can be used:

(i) PayPal

Payment can be made by Customers through the Paypal circuit by following the specific procedures of that circuit. 

(ii) Credit card

Where goods are purchased using Credit Cards, the transaction can be effected through the Paypal safe server or through another safe server chosen by FiloBlu.

Under no circumstances and at no stage of the payment will FiloBlu be in a position to know the information regarding Customers’ credit cards, transferred over a protected connection directly to the site of the bank that is handling the transaction. Said data shall not be held in any data store of FiloBlu and, accordingly, in no case may FiloBlu be held responsible for any fraudulent or improper misuse of credit cards by third parties when payment is made.

(iii) Credit transfer (only for European Union countries)

Where purchases are made through a credit transfer the bank account details for payment will be displayed. The goods will be forwarded only on reception of the payment by the bank.

(iii) Bonifico (solo per Paesi dell’Unione Europea)

In caso di acquisto con bonifico, verranno visualizzate le coordinate bancarie per il pagamento. La spedizione della merce avverrà solo alla ricezione effettiva del pagamento in banca.   

(iiii) Cash on delivery (Italy only)

With the cash on delivery procedure, payment must be made solely in cash at the time the products purchased are delivered. Cash on delivery payments entail additional expense of EUR 8.00 payable by the Customer for collection costs. Payment under the cash on delivery procedure can only be made for purchases amounting to less than EUR 999.00.

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