The artisanal prowess of René Caovilla

Watched over the Lion of St Mark’s, the lands and dominions of the ancient Republic of Venice  have, for many centuries now, been producing objects of extraordinary beauty, the artisanal origins of which are often shrouded in mystery or secrecy.  A seamless mix of high craftsmanship, the work of expert hands and clever interpretations of the zeitgeist, these mirabilia were and remain the fruit of a vital, efficient system that brings together the finest creators of such wonders with that most precious of all things: freedom. 

The freedom to express and give vent to the most vigorous, glorious and splendid aspects of creativity, since 1934, the  year the pioneering Edoardo Caovilla first turned his visionary designs into such spectacularly beautiful creations that made every single shoe is a tale to be passed down to future generations.

Edoardo’s farsighted creativity was followed by 60 extraordinarily artistic works by  René Caovilla. Now the new-generation Edoardo’s simultaneous evolution of both the business strategy and the Caovilla style has produced a prodigious kind of alchemy. One that turns the very manual craft of shoe-making, into a stunning expression of a uniquely sophisticated type of virtuosity.

A precious asset

art, deftness and skill

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